Car Hire Terms and Conditions


  1. The lessor agrees to rent to the hirer and the hirer agrees to take over vehicle described overleaf subject to all  the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement.


  1. The hirer acknowledges receipt of the vehicle in a good working order complete with tools, five tyres and all standard equipment and undertakes to return same at the end of the hire period in the same condition.


  1. Currency: All transactions with Unicar are carried out in Euro.


  1. Rates include: Comprehensive insurance- subject to excess and restrictions as may be applicable, unlimited mileage, vehicle maintenance and VAT.


  1. Rates exclude: Fuel as supplied with the car, baby and booster seats, extra optional insurance extensions, GPS equipment, out of normal working hours service and other items not included under the “Rates include” heading above.


  1. Condition of vehicle on return: We accept that our vehicles may be returned reasonably dirty with fair wear and tear. However, extreme dirt/ damage to the upholstery requiring special cleaning will be charged for.


  1. Hirer’s responsibilities:

The hirer undertakes to use the vehicle with all diligence and care. Furthermore, confirms that to the best of his knowledge and belief, the statements made on the contract form are true and complete and that nothing materially affecting the risk has been concealed by him. The hirer further undertakes and accepts that the vehicle to be hired will not be:

a. Driven by any person other than the hirer or named driver.

b. Used for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward or for racing, competition, trial or rallies.

c. Used for the carriage of goods of an explosive, inflammable, corrosive, toxic or otherwise dangerous nature.

d. Used in ‘high risk’ areas such as operational parts of an airport, chemical works or otherwise dangerous nature.

e. Used to carry more than the number of passengers the vehicle is designed to carry.


  1. Furthermore, the hirer declares that he/she and any additional drivers mentioned, where applicable, have not:

a. Had any motor insurance declined, cancelled or refused at normal terms during the past 10 years.

b. Been convicted during the past 5 years of any offence (other than parking) in connection with a motor vehicle, or have any prosecutions pending.

c. During the past 4 years had an accident, loss or claim, (irrespective of who was at fault) in connection with any motor vehicle whether covered by insurance or not.

d. Suffered from diabetes, epilepsy, heart condition or any physical or mental disability, infirmity or disease or any condition necessitating use of drugs or mechanical aids except defective hearing or vision corrected by hearing aids or spectacles.


  1. Failure to abide by these rules will empower the lessor to claim the vehicle back from the hirer forthwith.


  1. In the case of an accident or theft involving the rented vehicle, the hirer or designated driver must:

a. Inform the local police authorities and the lessor within the shortest possible time and hand over the original keys to the lessor.

b. Provide the lessor with all necessary documentation such as road accident reports properly completed and signed by the hirer and/or third parties.

c. Not admit liability or commit the lessor or insurance company in any way nor try and deal with any third parties involved unless such instructions are specifically obtained from the lessor.


  1. Notwithstanding the comprehensive insurance provided to the rented vehicle and notwithstanding any provision for the collision damage waiver and/or total damage waiver, the following exclusions apply:-

a. When the vehicle is driven by drivers not specified on the contract form.

b. When the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

c. When the driver fails to stop following an accident and/or fails to give full and correct details to the police or traffic authorities.

d. When the vehicle is driven on unauthorized or inappropriate roads or beaches.

e. Damage to the road wheel, tyres or underside of the car.


  1. Notwithstanding the agreed time for return of the hired car, hirer is nevertheless responsible to ensure that the vehicle would have been left properly parked not in a time zone area (vehicle may not be picked-up at the pre-agreed time) or in an area having parking restrictions.


  1. Exceptions to the Total Waiver Insurance (T.D.W)

Notwithstanding this extra cover, damage to: antenna, car keys, car navigation systems, windshield wipers, glass, mirrors, wheels, tires, spare key, car jack, triangles, damage to the upholstery of the car, extreme dirtiness in the car, underside damage, damage due to negligence, damage to child seats and baby seats are not covered.


  1. Road assistance & breakdown service

We provide the service free of charge. In case of a mechanical fault, vehicle malfunction or any other reason requiring assistance, our contractors are to be contacted on the emergency numbers supplied.


  1. Parking tickets / Traffic violations / Over speeding Fines

Traffic offences left unpaid for more than 36hours will be automatically charged on the hirer’s credit card and an administration fee of €15.00 will be added on.


  1. CVA charges (traffic congestion)

Whenever these charges apply an administration fee of €5.00 is added on top of the actual charge. Invoices are normally received by us up to 2 months later.


  1. Lost or stolen car keys

This does not fall under our insurance cover and is always excluded. Keys locked inside car will incur an administration fee of €15.00. Any lost keys will have to be replaced. Costs, including coding of key, purchase order etc… as necessary are all at the hirer’s expense. An administration fee of €25.00 will apply.


  1. In-car equipment

Whilst most of our vehicles are equipped with a radio cassette or a cd player, sometimes these develop a fault and may not be functioning at the time of rental. This equipment is therefore, not considered to be an integral part of the car hire agreement.


Useful Telephone Numbers: 

Emergency Number: 112  •  Flight Information: 5230 2000 (Each call costs €1)

Tourist Information: 8007 2230  •  Traffic Wardens: 2132 0202